Non-woven fabric manufacturers
Dongguan Enyou Technology Co., Ltd
Production and sales of nonwovens include: spunlaced nonwovens, heat bonded nonwovens, pulp air assisted nonwovens, wet nonwovens, spunlaced nonwovens, melt blown nonwovens, needled nonwovens, stitched Nonwovens
Non woven bags: shopping bags can be customized
Protective articles: disposable non-woven protective mask, dust-free clothing, isolation clothing, protective gloves, 84 disinfectant tablets, disposable protective foot cover, kn95 protective mask
Trade in materials related to mask production: outer non-woven fabric, inner non-woven fabric, melt blown fabric, nose bridge dry, two belt ear rope
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Interior decoration, handicrafts, bathroom storage supplies
Non-woven products show
Non-woven industry news and FAQs
Non-woven industry news and FAQs