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3 ply non woven face  Medical masks
The medical mask consists of a mask body and a tension band, wherein the mask body is divided into three layers: inner, middle and outer layers, the inner layer is skin-friendly material, the middle layer is an isolation filter layer, and the outer layer is a special material antibacterial layer. The high-efficiency medical mask has strong hydrophobic permeability, and has a significant filtering effect on tiny virus-laden aerosols or harmful fine dust but can not effectively filter PM10 and PM2.5. The overall filtering effect is good, and the materials used are non-toxic and harmless to wear comfortably.
Feature editing
3 ply non woven face  Medical masks
1. Lightweight, comfortable, odorless, non-glass fiber, non-irritating to skin, waterproof.
2. Soft and comfortable adjustable nasal bridge clip
3. Respiratory resistance should be small, wear health. The aerosol, dust, smoke, fog, poison gas and poisonous vapor, etc. adsorbed by the filter, blocked by inhalation.
Other features:
3 ply non woven face  Medical masks
1. Filtration efficiency: Under the specified conditions, the protective product will filter out particulates in the air;
2. Flame-retardant properties: The protective product prevents itself from being ignited, flame-flammable, and flame-retardant;
3. Disinfection: Physically or chemically kill or eliminate pathogenic microorganisms on the media to make them harmless;
4. Sterilization: Physically or chemically kill all microorganisms on the media to make them sterile;
5 can achieve the role of dust.