white non woven fabric product information

white non woven fabric

non woven carry bags manufacturer
The non-woven bag is an environmentally friendly product that is very durable, has a beautiful appearance, and can be recycled repeatedly. 
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white non woven fabric product information
PE film composite non-woven fabric, PE film is transparent, generally high temperature heating into a hot melt state of plastic coating on the non-woven fabric cooling products. Composite nonwovens are new types of packaging materials. Various types of non-woven fabrics and other fabrics can be processed in various ways, such as hot-pressing, laminating, ultrasonic processing, etc., and two- or three-layered fabrics can be compounded to produce Products with special functions such as high strength, high water absorption, high barrier properties, high resistance to hydrostatic pressure, etc. Composite materials have been widely used in medical, health, protective, industrial and automotive industries.
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