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It is an ancient and long-established fabric whose production method has been circulated in ancient Roman times. It is a European handicraft technique. Wool felts are fresh and popular handicrafts in China. The use of wool materials to make dolls, dolls, miscellaneous goods, jewelry, felt and other magical handmade works.
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Wool felts are made from wool. The oldest form of fabric recorded in human records can be traced back to at least 6500 BC. The history of at least 8,000 years ago belongs to non-woven fabrics. Knitting and other technologies were used by humans earlier. The hair has both soft and strong properties, good fiber elasticity, comfortable feel and good reducibility. Because the wool felt products can be quickly returned to their original shape after being folded, they are not easily deformed. In addition, its fiber structure can be tightly entangled, and its strong properties do not need to be processed through knitting, sewing, etc., and can be integrally molded.
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Wool felt is also called wool felt DIY. It is the use of wool felt material to make all kinds of handmade works. It can be dolls, dolls, miscellaneous goods, jewelry, accessories, felting and so on. Wool felt is rich in color, simple to make, and not used in the complex, this material is very popular in Europe, America and Japan. Wool felt handmade in the country is still a fresh manual category.
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Nowadays, wool felts have been popular in Europe and America for centuries, and they have set off a crazy personality style for wool in Japan, Taiwan and other places. They are highly sought after by fashion and craftsmen. It can be said that people who haven't played with wool felts have been considered away from the trend.
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