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The general classification of non-woven bags contains the following articles:
1. The ad type nonwoven bag
Nonwoven shopping bags can use the limited area of the bag to spread the market information of the enterprise or product service to the world. When the customers carry the nonwoven shopping bags with store advertisements and walk through the streets, they are actually some exquisite non-woven bags, not as good as making an excellent advertising sign, but the cost is relatively low.
2. A knowledge-based nonwoven bag
It is printed on non-woven shopping bags with various knowledge patterns and characters, such as world famous paintings and Chinese calligraphy. Such non-woven shopping bags not only provide convenience for consumers to carry things, but also edify people's sentiment and create a wonderful psychological feeling.
3, gift - shaped nonwoven bag
China is a state of ceremonies. People always bring gifts, "walk around and walk around" during festivals and celebrations. When the guest puts the gift in a nonwoven bag with the words "wish you a long life" and "wish you happy", the owner feels not only a gift, but another interest in his mind.
4, commemorative non-woven bag
Such as the commemoration of the XXX Art Festival, the tourist commemorative bag and so on. This strategy caters to people's psychology of remembrance and honor and makes people feel new after shopping.
5. Simple nonwoven bag
When a customer buys something miscellaneous and needs a simple nonwoven bag, it will be welcomed by the consumer if the store is able to provide one to solve the problem. Giving convenience is an important part of promotion.
6, time type non-woven fabric bag
Nowadays, people generally pursue a high standard of life, and fashion products dominate the trend of consumption. When there is something "hot" in the society, it is undoubtedly an important trick to promote the promotion if the shopkeeper imprinted the product pattern and publicity information on the beautiful non-woven shopping bag.  When consumers see hot commodities sold in a shop, there is a "temptation".
7. Antique non-woven bag
Many traditional products with high social reputation are loved by consumers because of their exquisite materials, long history and long history. If the unsophisticated and elegant designs and words are printed on the nonwoven shopping bags, it is a noble and solemn feeling that some consumers must also be interested in shopping.
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