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Environmentally-friendly non-woven shopping bag detection method

Sensory detection method: non-toxic non-reusable bags are milky white, translucent, or colorless and transparent, flexible, feel lubricated, and the surface appears waxy; toxic non-reusable bags are cloudy or yellow in color and have a sticky feel.
Water testing method: Put the non-green bags in the water and press them into the bottom. The proportion of non-toxic non-environmental bags is small and can be surfaced. The poisonous non-environmental bags are heavy and sink.
Jitter detection method: One end of the non-green bag is shaken by hand, and the person who makes crisp sound is non-toxic;
Environmentally-friendly non-woven shopping bag detection method
Fire detection method: non-toxic non-green bags are flammable, the flame is blue, the upper end is yellow, and it falls like a candle with burning tears. It has a paraffin-like taste and less smoke. The poisonous PVC non-reusable bags are not flammable and leave the fire. Immediately extinguished, the flame is yellow, the bottom is green, softening can be drawn, there is a pungent odor of hydrochloric acid.
Environmentally-friendly non-woven shopping bag detection method
After the country’s vigorous publicity, with the implementation of environmentally-friendly shopping bags in various provinces and cities, the environment-friendly shopping bags have gradually entered the public’s view. At the same time, environmental protection also uses shopping bags as an opportunity to combine cleverly with fashion trends. It highlights the user's personality. Whether from materials to patterns, a variety of new designs are very much sought after. Major institutions, websites, newspapers, etc. have also organized a green shopping bag design contest to give designers a full show. Even some units have begun to distribute reusable shopping bags. Major supermarket shopping malls provide reusable shopping bags. All signs show that the environmental shopping bags are gradually entering people's lives.
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