General knowledge of mask rope (ear belt) and manufacturer's production process

The impact of novel coronavirus pneumonia has led to a shortage of masks in the international market.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia is currently raging (Corona Virus Disease). In 2019, covid-19) influence, the global demand for disposable masks, respirators, thermometers and other health products and medical facilities is increasing rapidly, even reaching the state of short supply. All production-oriented enterprises in China, in the way of three shifts, increase their manpower input into the production of related products, including the manufacturer of mask rope (ear belt), Xingtian, Shenzhen Sheng Textile Co., Ltd.
Tribute to academician Zhong Nanshan and all medical workers
Use of mask rope (ear belt)
Whether it is two-layer mask, three-layer mask, active carbon mask and so on, there is an important component: Mask rope (ear belt). It mainly helps people to fix the non-woven part close to people's face, so as to block the harmful gas, smell, and foam in and out. The elastic of the elastic belt of mask rope (ear belt) can avoid its fracture and damage.
Precise mask rope ear strap
What are two ways to fix the cord (ear band) of medical mask?
Some people ask: some masks have no rope at both ends, is it necessary to use tape to stick to the face? Is it fake? There are two kinds of medical masks. One is the elastic belt on both sides of the mask, which can be hung on the ear. The other is that the two sides of the mask are about a centimeter wide flat rope, which needs to be tied to the neck and the back of the head. If you buy a mask without anything. That's what small manufacturers, irresponsible people do. Shenzhen xingtiansheng Textile Co., Ltd. is recognized for its quality assurance and after-sale guarantee.
Process characteristics of disposable mask rope (ear belt)
The curing agents used for hot vulcanization of silicone rubber mainly include organic peroxides, aliphatic azo compounds, inorganic compounds and high-energy rays, among which the most commonly used one is organic peroxides. This is because organic peroxides are generally stable at room temperature, but can decompose rapidly to produce free radicals at higher curing temperature, thus making silicone rubber cross-linking.
The cord and earband of medical mask
The function and application of high strength silicone mask elastic rope
Vinyl silicone rubber or low phenyl silicone rubber is used, with fumed silica with large specific surface area or modified silica as reinforcing agent, and through the addition of suitable processing aids and special additives and other comprehensive measures to improve the cross-linking structure and tear strength, which is our commonly used food grade silica products. Function and application of disposable mask rope and silicone mask elastic rope.
If the silica gel products you buy have the smell of gum, or the smell that makes people feel bad, you should pay attention to the manufacturer of silica gel products. Now silica gel is very popular in the market, but the phenomenon of fake products is not ruled out. Then how to identify the authenticity of silica gel? Then understand the manufacturer of silica gel products, we will give you a clear answer!
The cord and earband of medical mask
In recent years, medical silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive has developed rapidly. Because of its non-toxic, non irritating, physiological inert, wide range of use temperature, suitable adhesive strength and drug permeability, it has been widely used in medical treatment and percutaneous treatment system preparations.
Production process and manufacturer of mask rope (ear belt) - xingtiansheng
The utility model relates to an ear belt connecting device for mask production, which comprises a ear belt connecting machine for mask production, a mounting plate, a support frame, a positioning sleeve, a positioning rod, a fixing sleeve, a support piece and an adjusting sleeve, and the lower part of the ear belt connecting machine for mask production is connected and installed The mounting plate is adapted to the support frame, the support frame is connected with the mounting plate, the mounting plate slides on the support frame, the outer side of the mounting plate is provided with a positioning sleeve groove, the positioning sleeve groove is adapted to the positioning sleeve, and the positioning sleeve Connect the positioning sleeve groove, the positioning sleeve is internally connected with the positioning rod, the positioning rod slides in the positioning sleeve, the outside of the positioning sleeve is connected with one end of the support spring, the other end of the support spring is connected with the positioning rod, and the outside of the support frame is connected with the positioning rod A plurality of fixing sleeves are connected, the inner end of the positioning rod is provided with a fixing rod, the fixing rod is adapted to the fixing sleeve, and the fixing sleeve is connected with the fixing rod through a thread.