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How much do you know about the material of the bag?
        Every time you go shopping and buy things, the waiter will always help you put things in a handbag. This will not only make it easier for you to shop, but also expand the promotion of the product and brand. So what kind of material did you care about about your usual shopping bag?
How much do you know about the material of the bag?
  Common tote bags are generally made of coated paper, whiteboard paper, kraft paper, white paperboard, and some plastic and non-woven materials.
        1. Coated paper bag
        Coated paper production bag, which is characterized by moderate fastness. Because coated paper has a high degree of whiteness and gloss, good printability, and the coated film or matt film coated on the surface of coated paper will not only have moisture-proof and durable functions, but also be more refined.
        2. White paper bag
        Whiteboard paper is also a commonly used material for making handbags. Bags made of white paper are stronger and can hold a fixed weight of goods, often used to hold clothing. Because the printability of whiteboard paper is general, it is more appropriate to print text, lines or color blocks. This is a relatively affordable handbag.
        3. Kraft paper bag
        The handbags made of kraft paper are characterized by large fastness and low cost, and are generally used for food packaging and high-grade goods packaging. In addition to white kraft paper, the background color of kraft paper is generally dark. Therefore, it is appropriate to print dark text and lines, and also design some contrasting color patches.
How much do you know about the material of the bag?  4. White cardboard bag
        The strength of white cardboard is the highest in all handbags and is generally used for high-end clothing or cosmetics. Compared with the white paper bag, the white cardboard bag feels more delicate and more elegant.
        5. Plastic bag
        In order to save money, many businesses use plastic handbags for clothes and other products. Although this kind of handbag is low in cost, it is not strong in durability, and many of them are not enough in beauty level, and they are increasingly not welcomed by consumers.
How much do you know about the material of the bag?
6. Non-woven bag
        Non-woven bag is also a kind of bag making material commonly used by merchants. Non-woven fabrics are low in cost and they are also environmentally friendly materials. They are often used for light and thin clothing. However, compared with paper tote bags, the non-woven bag can be designed with a low level of aesthetics and will slowly withdraw from the stage of history.
   How much do you know about the material of the bag?
    The above is the common material for handbag production. After you shop, you can determine what kind of material you mentioned.
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