How to differentiate the materials used in customized non-woven bags

Non-woven bag processing is relatively simple, there will be differences in workmanship, printing, material quality and price, but we can not simply say which one is good, the key is to see the degree of quality requirements of customers, suppliers are responsible for quality. The material of non-woven fabric mainly considers whether it is a new material or a common material doped with recycled materials (some with more or less doping, some with talcum powder or calcium powder to increase the weight of the fabric), and how thick the fabric is (the standard is gram weight, that is, how many grams per square meter). It is better to look at the sample first and order later. Of course, it is possible. Now the general manufacturers can customize non-woven bags. They will first make the corresponding design draft according to your requirements, and then customize it. In this process, you can consult with the manufacturer for a better design plan. After the product is finished, the manufacturer will send you the finished product directly.