How to distinguish between non-woven fabrics and non-woven papers
First of all, from the raw materials, non-woven fabrics are 100% cotton wool yarns are pressed by high temperature non-woven, while non-woven paper is added 10% cotton wool yarn on the basis of pure paper. Therefore, from the perspective of flexibility and tear resistance, nonwoven paper is not as good as non-woven fabric. Also, from the coverage of the wall surface, the non-woven fabric has a stronger covering ability than the non-woven paper. Because of their similarity, many merchants shoddy and sell non-woven paper as non-woven fabrics. I hope that everyone must be careful when purchasing. Generally, a regular wallpaper store guide will teach you to distinguish, and will also help you explain clearly. The same concept
Some non-woven fabrics are called non-woven paper.
Specific look at the material
Polyester, polypropylene, what is the same, not through textiles, at most different materials