How to place indoor home furnishings?
   The magnification of the ornaments is knowledgeable. In the face of the dazzling array of ornaments on the market, are you already dizzy? I’ve chosen the decorations for a long time and it feels out of place at home, or they are hesitant to choose the decorations on the market. Some people choose the decorations but will not put them. Here is how to put home furnishings for everyone:
1. According to the style. Different styles are suitable for different decorations. For example, European style is suitable for some European-style home accessories. If you put some Chinese-style decorations, it will appear out of place. So pay attention to the style of the ornaments you choose when placing them.
2. Place it according to the size of the space. Larger space should be placed in relatively large ornaments, and small space should not be too large. The proportion of space must be coordinated, otherwise it seems to be overkill or insufficient.
3. Arrange according to the color matching. Color matching is more important than space placement, and warm and cold colors must be coordinated. If you put some cool-toned decorations in the cool color, the room will feel like a cold beauty, making others unconsciously want to stay away from one-third. On the contrary, if you put warm colors on the ornaments, it will feel too enthusiastic, and it will make people feel hot.
4. Placed according to the place. The living room is suitable for placing some bright ornaments
In daily life, more and more people like to use ornaments to decorate their homes. So how do we choose ornaments? How to arrange ornaments is better, let's take a look!
1. The choice of material
Wooden products are generally economical in price, and the decorations themselves are relatively light, and wooden products will give people a primitive and natural feeling; ceramic products are traditional handicrafts with a long history in my country, exquisite workmanship, but ceramics are fragile products and need to be carefully maintained ; The metal products have a strong structure, are not easy to deform, and are more wear-resistant, but they are bulkier and relatively expensive. Choose the right product according to your needs.
2. The choice of style
The color styles of decorative ornaments are diverse, but they are not chosen casually. Generally, combining the style of the display space and choosing products with consistent styles and contrasting colors, the matching effect will be better.
3. Look at the craftsmanship of the product
There are also many types of decorative ornaments. Generally, the product structure must be complete and not damaged. The carving should be vivid and vivid, and the surface should be smooth; the patterns of the ornaments should be clear, and the color should be uniform. In short, decorative ornaments are placed in the decoration space at home, at least if you look like it, it will bring you a good mood.
Placement technique one
When decorating home accessories, you must first find out the general style and color tone in accordance with the overall style of the home. It is not easy to make mistakes in the layout according to this unified tone. For example, simple home design and home furnishings with a sense of design are very suitable for the personality of the entire space; if it is a natural country style, natural home furnishings are the main ones.
Placement technique two
Flowers and green plants bring vitality to the home to bring the breath of nature into the home, it is an easy way to put some flowers and plants in the home, especially for seasonal arrangements. Flowers are even more important. Different seasons will have different flowers. Create a spatial taste of completely different seasons.
The simple and modern style ceramic vase decorations are available in large, medium and small sizes, which are very suitable for home display.
Placement technique three
Starting from small home accessories, small and medium-sized accessories such as decorations, pillows, table towels, and small ornaments are the easiest decoration items to start with. Those who are beginners can start with these first, and then slowly spread to large-scale furnishings. Small home accessories often become the focal point of vision and can better reflect the owner's taste.