Introduction to carving process
Sculpture refers to a variety of plastic materials or hard materials that can be carved or engraved to create visual and tangible artistic images with a certain space, so as to reflect social life and express the aesthetic feelings, aesthetic feelings, and ideals of the artist. Art. Sculpture is an ancient decorative craft, and its craftsmanship mainly includes Yin carving, Yang carving (relief carving), round carving, open carving (openwork carving), and through carving.
The carving technique is the author's handling of the image and space in the creation of woodcarving. This technique is mainly embodied in the carving and engraving in the sense of reduction, to be precise, from the outside to the inside, step by step by subtracting waste, gradually revealing the shape. The formation of the graceful knife technique is the expression of proficiency in technology, something that is difficult to embody in any imitation. Therefore, only by mastering the skills and continuously accumulating experience can you achieve the ideal and true knife technique of your own. Wood grain and carved marks, smooth and rough, concave and convex, round knife arrangement, flat knife cutting...the artistic language they express, its charm is beyond the reach of sculptures of other materials.