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is non woven fabric biodegradable
The most contacted is the compound spunlace non-woven fabric, which was specially studied before the degradable non-woven fabric production, to answer the question of the subject only limited to the main process of the spunlace process is open → → carding → → spunlace → → bake Dry→→ Reeling from this process is mainly used as wet wipes or retroperitoneal as medical supplies. Degradable non-woven fabrics are not actually differentiated from the process, but the current mature degradable materials that are distinguished in raw materials are generally Wood pulp
is non woven fabric biodegradable
(vegetable fiber) + polyester staple fiber or wood pulp (vegetable fiber) + viscose can be degraded in the direction of a non-woven industry. The domestic concept of degradable blemishes can be broken up and can be destroyed in a certain period of time. The overall structure of the woven fabric, but how long it will take to achieve true natural degradation, is currently not supported by data. Is there 100% natural non-woven fabric that can be degraded? Yes, without any polyester or viscose, only with plant fibers, so it became --- --- paper! !
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