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Laminating non-woven fabric what cloth?
Laminated non-woven fabrics, also known as Laminated Composite Non-woven Fabrics, are new fabrics. The so-called laminating non-woven fabric is coated with a layer of plastic film on the non-woven fabric, which is generally a product formed by cooling the plastic material coated on the non-woven fabric at a high temperature and heating it into a hot-melt state. It is also a layer of PE material added to the PP non-woven fabric; it can also be interpreted as a color printing film and adhered to the non-woven fabric to express rich colors. Laminated composite nonwovens have more hand-feel than composite nonwovens, and the textured lines are more realistic than laser-laminated nonwovens. This is a new breed! Specially used as a good material for eco bags! The necessary packaging.
Mainly in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hebei, Beijing, Sichuan, these hot spots have covered many bag manufacturers. Has covered the whole country! In Europe and America! This bag fabric is very popular.
Mainly in Guangzhou, manufacturers of more products; products are: Laminated non-woven film material (square pattern, crocodile pattern, snakeskin pattern, pinhole pattern). Color printing peritoneal material, transparent OPP film, PET film, aluminized film. Diverse styles, exquisite workmanship, trusted by the majority of customers! Products sell well throughout the country and around the world, due to laser bright color, high-grade texture, deeply loved by people!
Laminating non-woven fabric what cloth?
It is widely used in all aspects of life: environmental protection bags, shoes, clothing, jewelry, alcohol, shopping bags, home textiles, and high-end gifts on the packaging of good environmental protection materials, product color diversity, bright and beautiful, fashion trends!
The main weight is 40-220 grams
The main width is 30-160CM
Laminating non-woven fabric what cloth?
Composite nonwovens are new types of packaging materials. Non-woven fabrics and other fabrics can be processed in multiple ways, such as laminating, hot pressing, glue spraying, ultrasonic processing, etc.
Through composite processing, two or three layers of fabrics can be compounded to produce products with special functions, such as high strength, high water absorption, high barrier properties, and high resistance to hydrostatic pressure. Composite materials have been widely used in medical, health, protective, industrial and automotive industries.
Laminated composite nonwovens, nonwovens, laminating composite nonwovens, laser nonwovens, high-gloss nonwovens, and matt nonwovens are composite nonwovens! Most of them are composite two-layer fabrics. The three-layer fabrics are more than one layer of fabrics. Note: In the past, composite nonwovens were still known as peritoneal nonwovens and they were composites, such as pictures in the lower right corner. Are the name of processing and manufacturing! This variety of non-woven composites is used to make eco-bag materials, or car sunscreen. There is also a golden wrapper for the opening shop!