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Learn how to customize non-woven bags
Although there are many types of non-woven totes, the vast majority of portable paper bags in the market are rectangular in shape and shape. Single orders are often printed in small quantities. Generally, offset printing is used to complete the printing of non-woven bags. Its production process is relatively simple, and production can be completed according to the commonly used process methods of offset printing and postpress processing.
Learn how to customize non-woven bags
However, if we can make some changes to the process for the special features of paper bags, we can save costs and increase production efficiency. Dedicated cooperation note:
1. Contact our salesman or go to the homepage of the website to understand and pay attention to the existing success stories of Funkers Environmental Products Co., Ltd. The completed finished products can also be seen in the Foxnes bag.
Second, after two-sided interviews and detailed planning of the samples required, the designers of Fukunas Environmental Products Co., Ltd. will help you design the necessary drafts of the non-woven bags and determine the use of shipping routes.
Learn how to customize non-woven bags
Third, check and review the design sample, the customer to determine the manuscript.
Fourth, sent to the production department for the design and layout of the model, to top production time.
Fifth, reach cooperation.
    Handbags are the best way to promote, but also a portable tool, which is also convenient to promote their own products or brand again, beautifully designed handbags make people love it, even if there are eye-catching signs or advertising, Guests will also be happy to use it repeatedly. This method has become a recognized and more effective advertising method. In the business activities of modern enterprises, the most indispensable is propaganda. “Handbags” is like an advertising campaign. It is an indispensable part of corporate image promotion, and it is also an important part of a continuing business. A well-designed, excellent creative, well-made handbag production can add a lot of color to your publicity.
ust pay attention to details.
Learn how to customize non-woven bags
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