Manufacturing process of custom-made non-woven bag
Do you think a beautiful non-woven bag is just a merchandise bag? Non-woven environmental bags are recognized as the most economical and affordable environmental shopping bags. Professional non-woven bags customized reflect the company's image of environmental protection, but also can stimulate people's sense of social responsibility. The potential value of each non-woven environmental bags can never be replaced by money.
1. Professional design with small investment and big return
Giant non-woven bag customized selection of new fabrics, solid, waterproof, non-sticky hand will become the first choice for customers to go out. Professional design fully satisfies everyone's attitude of pursuing fashionable elements of commodities. It can also be transformed into a simple and fashionable non-woven handbag. It is also a beautiful scene in the street.
II. Reasonable Control of the Fixing Cost of Non-woven Bags
Jude non-woven bag manufacturers customize according to customer needs, select the appropriate fabric, adopt different processes to improve the efficiency of non-woven bag customization. And print the company's advertisement or logo on every non-woven bag, the advertising effect is self-evident. Non-woven bag customization is more cost-effective, reasonable cost savings for enterprises.
Manufacturing process of custom-made non-woven bag
3. Non-woven Bag Printing
Non-woven bag customized printing cost occupies a lot of expenses, generally there are manual silk printing, semi-automatic silk printing, automatic printing and so on. Various ways also vary according to the manufacturer. No matter how high quality printing is, of course, full automatic printing press. If the number of non-woven bags customized is small, manual or semi-automatic has advantages.