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Non-woven bag printing process
Most of the bags on the supermarket are made of non-woven fabrics. What are the patterns of the pattern printing process? Here are the features and prices of these different processes.
The first type, flexo printing, also known as offset printing or letterpress printing, is made of rubber and glued on a plastic stick. The printing is characterized by gentleness and exquisiteness, and the corresponding printing effect is not as texture and reality. Generally, most companies also have more trademark logo printing, and the price is the cheapest among the three printing processes described below.
The second, copper plate printing, also known as gravure printing, is based on the principle of engraving a pattern on copper cylinders. Printing is characterized by deep recessed patterns, surface ink, delicate printing effect, strong texture, generally can replace screen printing, printing most of the home, toys, decorative and other industrial products, the price is moderate.
The third type, silk screen printing, called screen printing in the market, is the processing method of most traditional printing. The printing features are prominent, very texture, and bright colors. It is the most beautiful in the printing process, but the price is very high. Expensive, because it is generally to use artificial scraper to print, so the more types of colors, the more the process, the corresponding price is high.