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Non-woven bag production equipment
The production of non-woven bags requires a set of equipment to complete the process, which is divided into automatic machine processes and semi-automated machine processes;
The process required to make a non-woven bag must also focus on the normal use of the machine, as well as a certain number of processes. Manufacturers in the processing of manufacturers, you can search for some manufacturers of non-woven bags, you can find experienced to learn from the reference, the collection of information can promote the smooth progress of the future production line. Successfully solve some minor problems and problems in the work, achieving production and knowing and sales win-win.
Non-woven bag production equipment
Semi-automatic machine flow
Needs: Non-woven slitting machine, used to slit the non-woven fabric, divided into the specified width, generally (30-60cm) wide, the general width of the non-woven bag; non-woven fabric cutting machine, used to The points are divided into fine pieces of non-woven fabrics, cut into pieces of a certain length, generally in (60-90cm), the general length of non-woven bags; printing machine, pattern printing for non-woven bags, sub-single Color printing machine or multi-color printing machine, the price range, the more color more expensive; non-woven embossing sewing machine, also known as ultrasonic lace sewing machine, used for non-woven bag stitching and embossing, but also with In the production of hand bag; Shouwan Dai shearing machine, used for the shearing of the hand bag, cut to a certain extent, generally in 20-40cm; Hand bag welding machine, used to weld the hand bag in the On the cloth bag body, a non-woven bag has been completed through this process, so that non-woven bags are produced with many labors and many machines, but various non-woven bags can be made.
Non-woven bag production equipment
Automatic machine process
Need: automatic non-woven bag machine and printing machine, you can complete the printing of non-woven bags, less labor, high effect, but the types of bags that can be done are few, only flat bags, folding bags, folding bags.
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