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Non-woven bag/handbag Knowledge How much do you know?
In today's society, everyone advocates environmental protection, and the plastic limit order is also widely spread in various cities. Bags came into being in this form, not only because of the environmental protection of the handbags, but also because of the stylish appearance of the portable paper bags. So how much do you know about a handbag?
       Handbag printing is widely used in the packaging of clothing, food, footwear, gifts, alcohol and tobacco, pharmaceuticals and other fields. At present, we can sum up these large-scale used paper bags into two categories.
        One is the popular packaging ordinary handbag. Most of these kinds of handbags use rotary printing and automatic production lines to complete the bag making. The materials for making handbags are mostly non-woven bags, laminated films and kraft paper. The specifications and patterns of the bag are flexible and changeable. The advantages are production efficiency. High, suitable for mass production.
Non-woven bag/handbag Knowledge How much do you know?
        The other is a beautiful, sophisticated packaging bag. This type of bag generally uses sheet-fed printing, relying on manual or semi-automatic production, kraft paper, coated paper, and cardboard are often selected as materials for processing paper bags. Most of them are used for packaging of high-end goods, gift bags or advertising bags for various business activities. The feature is that any shape and size of paper bag can be produced, but the process is more complicated and the production efficiency is low.
Non-woven bag/handbag Knowledge How much do you know?
        In today's life, to recognize the value of the bag itself, the most useful function is for loading items. The greatest value is environmental protection and durability, but the appearance of beauty can also help companies do a good job of publicity. Consumers have the desire to buy, so that the existence of each item to play the greatest value!
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