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Non-woven bags have several kinds of printing
Actually, the more colors, the better. Non-woven bags are more difficult to print gradient colors. The same nature of non-woven bags and plastic bags is more environmentally friendly. Of course, it is more difficult to grasp the accuracy of color registration, but the cost is higher. Offset printing is generally not recommended. Types of cloth bag printing Non-woven bag printing is generally screen printing, watermarking, ink printing, offset printing, because this is a manual screen printing, but some restrictions on printing up to print three colors, sometimes with the color The level of design, as a monochrome non-woven bag printing can play an extremely stylish advertising charm. The cost of ink printing is relatively low, and color registration is easy to run. The above printing can only print a simple color, if there is a gradient can only use the film coating process or thermal transfer
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