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personalized non woven tote bags
non woven bags price list
Non-woven bags are "like popular" in Shenzhen, major shopping malls and supermarkets, business sales or free gifted green shopping bags of different colors, different thickness, types of up to dozens.
A businessman specializing in plastic bags told that recently the number of non-woven bags has been intentionally increased. In the Sungang Road market, a shopkeeper who specializes in plastic bags told reporters that the environmental protection bags sold on the market are made of a material called non-woven fabric, which can be used frequently and are more environmentally friendly.
non woven bags price list
non woven drawstring bags wholesale
. The introduction of plastic limit orders also led some ordinary plastic bag manufacturers and sellers to seek transformation in response to market changes. A large-scale bag manufacturer told the reporter that in 1999 there were only 20 non-woven production lines in the country and it has now grown to 300. According to the person in charge of the Shenzhen Textile Industry Association, the introduction of the “plastic limit order” has brought business opportunities to the development of the non-woven industry. Many companies have already extensively combined with other
non woven bags price list
manufacturers of textile and plastic industries, through existing access channels and The relationship between purchases and sales, fully committed to the production of environmentally friendly bags into the consumer market.
Although the promotion of "environmental shopping bags" can effectively alleviate the spread of white pollution, the cost of production is much higher than that of ordinary plastic bags.
non woven bags price list
non woven polypropylene bag manufacturers
1. Ordinary shopping bag: production cost 0.08~0.1 yuan, selling cost 0.1~0.3 yuan
2. Degradable Shopping Bags: Production Cost 0.3~0.4 Yuan, Selling Cost 0.3~0.6 Yuan
3. Eco-friendly shopping bag: production cost 1.5~2.5 yuan, sale cost 3-4 yuan
As a result of the substantial increase in production costs, the increase in the selling price has been caused. This puts the consumer in a side view and creates the same mentality of “the same thing is used, the purpose is the same, and it is better to use cheaper cost”.
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