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non woven fabric manufacturing process:
 1. Note that there is no blistering and compounding in the composite film.
 2. Cutting: Each set has a white line, and the error should not exceed 1-5 mm when cutting.
3. The small area of ​​each wrinkle should not cross two areas.

 4. At the time of plate making, two white squares are left at each end of each edition, which is exactly where the straps are installed.
Strap: The tape should be placed on the hot tape and the tape must be set. The error is 1-2 mm. There is no white box when it is used as an ordinary non-woven bag. However, a standard must be found. The length of the strap is 45 cm and the cloth is not less than 65 g.
non woven fabric manufacturing process
 5. Running head: The error of the 3 cm hemming should not exceed 1-2 mm, the hemming of the upper thread is 2 mm, no jumper is allowed, the needle must be returned at the starting point of the sewing and the lifting strap, and the needle distance is 1 cm when running. For 2.5 pin.
 6. Ensemble: When wrapping, the needle pitch on the circumference is 1 cm 3 stitches, the circumference of the thread on the perimeter is 1-2 mm, the weight of the surrounding fabric is 65-70 grams, can not be used Wrinkle phenomenon, the color of the enclosure should be consistent with the color of the front of the bag, the line should be consistent with the color of the enclosure, there must be no openings, check the package after a good package, and leave the cable head must be cut off.
7. Stacking: Stacking this section is very important, as the standard inspector, check whether there is no thread, whether the edge of the edge, the lifting belt is upright, all the above criteria have to be checked, whether the stack up and down can be For alignment, the error does not exceed 5 mm.
 Summary: From the beginning to the end, each link is very important. The next process is the inspector of the previous process. The following process checks that the previous process is faulty, reminding the previous process to pay attention, and rework to avoid a series of The difference was caused by the loss.