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Non-woven quote - how much non-woven offer - how to quote non-woven
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Non-woven offer? How to quote non-woven fabrics?
How patiently read this article, then you are a qualified non-woven buyer.
How to quote non-woven fabrics?
Non-woven offer? How to quote non-woven fabrics?
Generally reported in kilograms per ton or in yards/meters, quotations in kilograms per ton are 7.9 yuan to 13.5 yuan per kilogram, and if converted into tons, it is 7900 yuan per ton to 13500 yuan per ton.
There is only one issue related to the kilograms per ton, which is the quality of the cloth, which is why the above price is floating.
If you report by yards/meters, besides the quality of the non-woven fabric itself, you have to consider another issue, that is, the square weight problem, if you do not know the square weight, it is not reported.
For the price of yards/meter, it must be clear that if it is a non-professional person, then the offer is more favorable to the buyer, and there is no doubt that the price of kilograms/ton is more substantial.
There is no more reason for the seller to carry out black-box operations in this section. Of course, if you are a senior buyer, if the price conversion between the two is very accurate, you may wish
Non-woven offer? How to quote non-woven fabrics?
All require a quote, and then make a comparison. The price conversion formula between the two, the relevant links will be given below, and will not be described here.
In particular, the price quoted above is the price quoted for conventional black and white non-woven fabrics. If it is a color non-woven fabric, it depends on the specific color, and then it is added again. The color fabric is different according to the color.
The prices are different. In general, one kilogram is based on the price of black and white, plus 0.5-1.5 yuan per kilogram. Dark colors such as red, blue and purple will be more expensive, beige and gray will be cheaper.