Polyester non-woven fabric and geotextile are not the same, what is the difference?
Polyester is only a raw material, that is, the fiber state of ethylene terephthalate. Strictly speaking, it cannot be called a kind of non-woven fabric because it cannot represent the processing technology of non-woven fabric. There are two main types of geotextiles, one is geotextile produced by acupuncture processing technology, and the other is geomembrane produced by direct polymer forming of polymer! Any non-woven fabric that uses polyester as a raw material can be called polyester non-woven fabric. I hope you understand, do not understand can continue to explain to you! Geotextiles are divided into spinning and non-woven according to the production process. Woven is woven by warp and weft, and non-woven is produced by acupuncture or spunlace. Geotextiles are also divided into a large number of raw materials, including polyester, polypropylene, nylon, and other raw materials. The polyester non-woven fabric you said is produced by the polyester raw material non-woven process and is a kind of geotextile. Polyester non-woven fabric is a non-woven fabric made of polyester, which refers to the raw materials used.
The geotextile is made of non-woven fabric and refers to a kind of use of non-woven fabric. Simply put, the D number of raw materials is different.