Resin sculpture production method
    Natural special mortar preparation screening
    Spray water to wake up the mud for more than 48 hours (low temperature in winter for more than 3 days), round-carved and welded sculptured steel-shaped bones, and a cross-shaped wooden slat holding device is wound on the skeleton. The density is based on the actual situation to ensure that the mud does not fall locally , The metal mesh is laid with a large gap on the sculpture skeleton, which can reduce the amount of mud and the total weight to ensure that the sculpture does not collapse, the idea is safe, and the collapse of scrap and rework can be avoided. If it is embossment, the wood board is laid on the bottom plate and nails are nailed every 15 cm on the board. Half of the nails are nailed into the other half to expose the mud for hanging. In addition, winding thin iron wires on the nails is also convenient for hanging mud. Other details and procedures are omitted.
    Sculptures covered with big mud
    After the mud loading is completed, use a mallet to smash it while filling the air attack in the mud. Make continuous adjustments to the big shape after all the mud is applied. Modeling is not allowed and needs to be reworked to rest the skeleton until it is satisfied. The above must be done by a professional sculptor. From this stage onwards, the sculpture must be sprayed with water frequently to keep it from cracking, and it must be covered with a plastic film for moisturizing until the sculpture mold is completed. Other details and procedures are omitted.
    Professional sculptors will complete the shaping process. The sculptors spray water at any time during the shaping process. The specific details and other procedures are simple.