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Smms non-woven purchase should pay attention to what details
Our company is a regular manufacturer specializing in the production of medical and health consumables such as sms nonwovens, medical nonwovens, etc. The smms nonwovens produced by the company are manufactured using a superior medical degreasing and non-gauze and X-ray detectable ray ray produced through a complex process. The product is pure white, belongs to sterile non-toxic sanitary products, soft to the touch and has strong water absorption, and is a good helper for doctors. Then do you know what issues need to be paid attention to when purchasing sms nonwovens?
Smms non-woven purchase should pay attention to what details
Smms non-woven fabric
The first is to look for professional and regular manufacturers, because the product must be in direct contact with the wound, only to ensure the safety and asepsis of the product can guarantee the safety and health of the human body.
The second is to carefully observe whether there is a leak in the packaging when purchasing.
The third is beyond the shelf life of the product must not be purchased for use.
New non-woven products recommended