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The resolution of natural fiber nonwoven fabrics and artificial synthetic fiber nonwoven fabrics on the market: Non-woven fabrics refer to the material whose properties are between cloth and paper by the non-woven forming technology of the fiber yarns. To confirm whether the non-woven fabric is completely harmless to the human body, there are two key factors that need to be considered: the technology used to make the non-woven fabric filaments and nonwovens. Not all non-woven fabrics are made of natural fibers, most of which are polypropylene filaments. Although non-woven fabrics make polypropylene products more easily degradable, they still have no fundamental chemical properties.

Changes, chemical additives used in the manufacture of these materials will still cause harm to humans. The most ideal fiber for producing non-woven fabrics is fibers from natural plants, so this is the first thing to pay attention to when purchasing wallpaper products—non-woven fabrics made of natural fibers or synthetic fibers. In addition, the non-woven forming technology of non-woven fabrics may cause the environmental property of the non-woven fabrics to be reduced. The main products are hot-bonding and wet-molding. The former needs to be subjected to high temperature treatment and some adhesives are added, if the heat is synthetic fiber. Sticky non-woven fabrics contain more harmful ingredients. Wet forming is a physical method of arranging the fibers. If the natural fiber is made of wet molding, the non-woven fabric can guarantee 100% environmental protection.
Although non-woven fabrics may sound very environmentally friendly, in reality, not every non-woven product is environmentally friendly. The most common non-woven products around us are shopping bags.
As this concept has been recognized by consumers, more and more businesses have promoted non-woven fabrics as a gimmick for products. Consumers must pay attention to the above-mentioned issues when purchasing products. The identification of environmentally-friendly non-woven fabrics can be mainly burned. Eco-friendly non-woven fabrics are flammable, bright flames, and a small amount of black smoke is natural fiber. Fine particles of carbon; rayon fabrics have a lighter flame when burned, and there is a persistent grey smoke during burning, with a pungent odor.