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types of non woven fabrics
Non-woven Category - by Use
types of non woven fabrics1, clothing with non-woven fabrics:
Clothing, gloves lining
Warm fluff filling material
Underwear, outerwear
Clothing label
Shopping bag, garment bag
types of non woven fabrics2, leather, shoes with non-woven fabrics
Interlining material
types of non woven fabrics3, home decoration, home non-woven
Carpets and fabrics
Wall material
Furniture decoration, furniture package materials
Dustproof cloth
Spring cloth, isolation cloth
Audio cloth
Bed linen and curtains, curtains
Other decoration
Rag, wet and dry bright cloth
Filter cloth
Clean bag

Ironing felt, cushion
Sleeping bag, waterproof cloth, tent
types of non woven fabrics4, medical non-woven fabrics
Clinical supplies
Disinfecting isolation clothes, hats, shoe covers
Wrap cloth, bandage
Wet towel, cotton ball
Masks, Masks
Mattress, sheets
Disinfection filter, sterilization cloth
Sanitary towels, diapers
Vacuum bag
Tea bags, coffee bags
Travel underwear
Incontinence products
Dry and wet cloth
Makeup paper
Lens paper
Soft pad
Other medical, hygiene materials
types of non woven fabrics5. Construction, Civil Engineering, Water Utilization Non-woven Fabrics
Asphalt roadbed
Highway, railway subgrade
Soil reinforcement
Gore lost the ball, tennis cloth
Artificial lawn
Soil Deposition and Erosion
Building waterproof material
Insulation cloth
Sound-absorbing material
Pipe wrapping
Other building materials
types of non woven fabrics6, non-woven filter material
types of non woven fabrics7, industrial non-woven fabrics
Coated cloth
Polishing material
Wiping cloth
Aseptic clothing
Grinding products
Cable cloth
Battery separator
Plastic reinforced cloth
Protective clothing, laboratory clothes
Absorbing material
Lubricating pad
Flame retardant fabric
Use disposable felt
Paper felt
Acoustic felt
types of non woven fabrics8, non-woven fabrics for the automotive industry
Car carpet
Roof, door trim, wall material
Door and window seal
Various filter materials
Composite materials
Seat material
types of non woven fabrics9, non-woven packaging
10. Agriculture and Horticulture Non-wovens
Insulation coverage
Frost protection, pest control
Soil and water conservation
Soilless cultivation
Artificial vegetation
Protect the lawn
Plant mulch
Nursery cloth
11. Military, non-woven fabrics for the defense industry
12. Non-woven fabrics for other industries