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What are the factors affecting the price change of non-woven bags?
        With the improvement of quality of life, people's requirements for all products have gradually increased. Even the requirements for custom-made non-woven bags by customers have gradually increased, and both the design and the process require new ideas. However, with the increase in these requirements, the customized price began to change.
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        I believe that non-woven bag manufacturers will have such problems, every time a customer asks for customized non-woven bags, the first thing that is proposed is the price. Price has become the primary condition for custom-made non-woven bags, but there are many factors that affect the price of non-woven bags. Simply asking for prices is not very accurate.
        So what are the factors that affect the price of non-woven bags?
        The first is the size of the non-woven bag, which is the most direct factor in the cost of the non-woven bag. The larger the size of a non-woven bag, the more cloth needed, and the higher the price, and vice versa. In addition, when designing the size of the non-woven fabric bag, it is necessary to consider the fabric width of the fabric as much as possible, to make the best use of the limited fabric width, and to minimize the loss, which also saves costs. Otherwise, it will cause great loss, so that the fabric cost of the bag will be greatly increased.
 What are the factors affecting the price change of non-woven bags?
        Followed by the printing of non-woven bags. In general, monochrome printing is the simplest and cheapest. However, some monochrome printed bags are often unable to meet the customer's product promotion needs. At this time, multi-color printing is required. The cost of multi-color printing is obviously higher than that of monochrome printing, and some non-woven bags need to be coated with color printing. These costs are reduced and the cost is not low.
 What are the factors affecting the price change of non-woven bags?
        In addition, the number of customized non-woven bags is also a key factor affecting prices. The cost of customizing a non-woven bag depends on the number of customized bags, and the greater the number of custom-made bags, the lesser the loss. In addition, the greater the number of bags, the printing method can use large-scale machine printing or large-scale machine color printing, much cheaper than manual screen printing. Therefore, it is recommended that customers who need customized non-woven bags can do more by considering the number of disposable products, which is also very affordable.
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