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What do you know about the details of the bag printing design?
        Today's handbags are not just used as shopping bags. It also has a new image that is advertising. Nowadays, many companies include bag promotion in their business activities and become part of their corporate image. A well-designed and well-made handbag can add a lot of color to the company's publicity. So, how to carry out the printing design of the bag?
What do you know about the details of the bag printing design?
        First, understand the characteristics of bag printing
        1, in terms of product form
        Bags such as these fixed products, the primary function is to load items, followed by surface design printing to play a role in the promotion, in special circumstances also have some other auxiliary functions.
        2, in the material
        Under normal circumstances, manufacturers will customize the different materials of the handbag according to the needs of customers, from plastic, paper, kraft paper to high-grade paper, manufacturers are provided with materials. However, in order to print the effect and bearing capacity, it is better to choose good quality paper more cost-effective.
        3, in terms of printing methods
        The printing of handbags is usually offset printing. Plastic bags generally use screen printing methods, all need to be printed before the printing, proofing.
What do you know about the details of the bag printing design?
        Second, carrying bag printing design
        The design of the bag is generally simple and elegant. In the process of designing and printing the bag, the company's logo and company name are the main aspects, or the company's business philosophy. The design of the bag should not be too complex. A simple and elegant bag can deepen consumers' impression of the company or product and obtain good publicity.
        The design and printing of handbags has also played a significant role in expanding sales, establishing brand names, and enhancing competitiveness. As the most basic element of the design structure, it is very important for the consumers' psychological ability to grasp. From the perspective of visual psychology, people abandon the monotonous and uniform form and pursue diversity. Therefore, the design and printing of handbags should reflect the uniqueness of the company and bring consumers different visual sensations.
What do you know about the details of the bag printing design?
        In the printing process of handbags, any small details can not be ignored, because there is a possibility that they will be lost in the slightest difference. Therefore, in the future printing design of the bag, we must pay attention to details.
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