What is the difference between non-woven wallpaper and ordinary wallpaper?
Non-woven wallpaper is also called non-woven paper wallpaper, which is the most popular new green wallpaper material in the world. The non-woven wallpaper is non-woven by natural plant fibers such as cotton and hemp. The industry is called "breathing wallpaper", which is the most popular new green environmental protection material in the world. It is harmless to the human body and the environment and fully meets environmental protection safety standards.
Non-woven wallpaper is the first choice for high-end home decoration because of its pure color, visual comfort, soft touch, breathable and elegant, and non-woven wallpaper.
Non-woven wallpaper is easier to post than ordinary wallpaper, more waterproof, not easy to quilting, no warping, seams intact, natural quality, fragrant smell, stylish style.
The non-woven wallpaper has a flat bottom and no paper base. It adopts the advanced technology of direct printing and color, which is richer than the fabric surface wallpaper pattern. It is a combination of noble and elegant classic patterns and simple and fashionable modern design style.
The colors of the wallpapers and wall coverings are varied, the patterns are detailed and varied, and the uneven and rough walls can be decorated with a soft and flat texture.
The price of the wall covering is higher than that of the wallpaper, and it has the functions of sound insulation, sound absorption and adjustment of indoor humidity. The wall covering can be roughly divided into a cloth bottom, a cloth bottom and a cloth bottom. If you need waterproof, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant properties, the cloth sole is a good choice! But if you are also very concerned about the characteristics of fire protection, the wall covering of the cloth bottom will be the best choice. The surface of the wall covering is mainly made of plain woven fabric, jacquard fabric and arranging fabric, among which the arranging fabric is most widely used. The non-woven wallpaper is made of natural fiber through a non-woven process and has good air permeability. PVC wallpaper has two layers of paper base and PVC film that are combined at high temperature, and the gas permeability is not very good, but the color is brighter. It is recommended to put non-woven paper, the price is not too expensive, seven or eighty pieces.
What is the difference between non-woven wallpaper and ordinary wallpaper?