What kind of fabric is used for the cloth wardrobe, non-woven fabric or oxford cloth
Oxford cloth is much better. Before I bought these two kinds of fabrics, the non-woven fabrics slowly broke apart in one year. If they were used, it was said that the cloth itself had disappeared. The simple wardrobe of Oxford cloth is stronger and more durable. Cloth wardrobes have several kinds of fabrics. Under normal circumstances, the materials of wardrobe fabrics are made of non-woven fabrics. This kind of material is also more common.
The characteristics of the non-woven fabric are environmental protection, strong permeability, and more colors. The cloth wardrobe with extra-thick polyester oxford cloth is more practical and practical. However, this cloth wardrobe is also slightly more expensive. Of course, it is undeniable that the quality of the canvas is strong and durable, but it is inevitable that the odor is heavy, and the problem of drying for a few days is not big. Or ordinary non-woven fabrics are very easy to damage, and friends who have higher quality requirements should be carefully selected.
The Chuanjing cloth wardrobe on the market is non-woven, oxford cloth, and friends who don't understand can go there. Of course, it is Oxford cloth, durable, the quality of the non-woven fabric is too poor, and it is not durable and has a short service life.